Compensation Awaits Many Partial Disabled Workers in Oklahoma

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Some types of injuries suffered while working leave victims partially disabled thereafter. When unable to continue working as before, an injured person might need to retrain for a new job or find an entirely different way to make a living.

Oklahoma’s workers’ compensation system provides for such individuals in a variety of different ways. As can be seen online at, becoming partially disabled does not need to lead to financial hardship. While there are many types of injuries and other problems that can cause partial disability, compensation is available in most cases.

Many Ways to Become Partially Disabled at Work

Even people who work jobs that are not normally considered dangerous can become partially disabled in the course of carrying out their duties. Some types of injury are simply less treatable than others, and related problems can be unavoidable. Some of the kinds of injuries that most often lead to temporary or permanent partial disability for those affected include:

  • Amputations. Losing even a single finger can leave a person unable to continue in an existing position. Should a hand, arm, or leg be lost instead, the number of viable ways to make a living will often be reduced further. Although prosthetics can help in some cases, many types of amputation commonly lead to determinations of partial disability. While someone has suffered an accidental amputation on the job will generally be able to transition into another type of work, some support and compensation will most often be merited.
  • Hearing loss. The sense of hearing is an important asset in many occupations, and even a slight impairment of it can make certain types of work impossible. Someone who has suffered hearing loss because of an accident at work will often be deemed partially disabled, as a result. Even when it becomes possible to train for and obtain a different job, compensation will normally be in order.

Partially Disabled People Can Count on Support

For most of those who have suffered disabling injuries like these and others, getting in touch with an attorney will generally be productive. A lawyer will be well positioned to help secure appropriate compensation for just about anyone who has become partially disabled while at work.