Drivers are Sometimes Forced to Negotiate With Their Own Insurers After Hit and Run Accidents

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Many hit and run accidents happen statewide every year, and not all of the drivers who flee the scene are ever held accountable. Fortunately, drivers who carry comprehensive insurance coverage can usually expect to recover at least some of the money they pay out for repairs and medical treatments after such accidents.

Most policies that are truly comprehensive, in fact, will include coverage that applies specifically when the driver responsible for an accident flees the scene. That can still leave the victim being forced to negotiate with their own insurance company, though, which can be fairly challenging. Luckily, there are some ways of making it more likely that a reasonable, appropriate amount of compensation will ultimately be offered.

A Few Simple Measures Make Appropriate Amounts of Compensation More Likely

Some drivers who are involved in accidents where the responsible party leaves the scene expect that police will put a fair amount of effort into tracking down that person. In practice, though, such cases are often assigned a fairly low priority, especially if the injuries inflicted were not especially serious.

As a result, drivers will quite frequently be forced to rely on their own insurance coverage in such situations. That means needing to convince the insurer of the validity of the associated claims. Keeping up with details like the following will make it more likely that an appropriate payout will be offered.

  • Repair bills. Although insurers will sometimes accept the word of loyal customers about minor matters, any significant repair to a vehicle should be documented with the associated bill.
  • Medical diagnoses and treatments. Having to arrange medical treatment after an accident can be stressful, but keeping detailed records of every important interaction will help when it comes to dealing with an insurer.
  • Witness accounts. Surprisingly to some, insurers will sometimes accuse their own clients of negligence when faced with large claims. Having testimony from eyewitnesses will make this less likely even after the other driver leaves the scene.

Getting Back to Life as Normal

While being involved in an accident where the other driver flees will almost always be disconcerting, such situations can still be resolved satisfactorily. Drivers who take care to document their losses and other relevant facts carefully tend to have the most success at negotiating with their own insurers.